Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks- Movies With Strong Strong Female Characters

This was my choice and who knew it would come at a time when all this crap has hit the news from Weinstein to Spacey. What is happening, especially in Hollywood, is not  new because this has been going on since the movies began. You better believe that Darryl F. Zanuck and Jack Warner make Weinstein and Spacey look like freshman in the sexual abuse arena. Marilyn Monroe was famous for saying, when she finally hit it big, “thank God, this is the last cock I’ll ever have to suck.” Sorry for the brutal language but it shows what women...and men, had to endure and still do. Anyway, I know there are many films that one can choose that features strong women and I chose women who are strong but not insane. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen. Here are my 3....


How can I not choose this film! It stars Cary Grant as a newspaper editor who was married to his star reporter played beautifully by Rosalind Russell. They are now divorced and she is ready to marry a nice, boring insurance agent played by Ralph Bellamy (many jokes about poor Ralph in the film. He is also known as one of the old brothers from Trading Places) but not if Cary has anything to say about it. Hildy (Rosalind Russell) finds herself in the middle of a great news story and her true  love for the business overrides any want to be a housewife. Sharp direction by Howard Hawks with quick talking often over each other makes this a fast paced, funny film with a great cast and a woman in a position often held only by men.

2. ADAM`S RIB-1949

How can I not have a Katherine Hepburn film in this week`s theme. This is one of the best films of Tracy and Hepburn and, once again, a woman in a typically male dominated career. They play married lawyers who have a wonderful marriage until she takes the case of defending a woman who tried to kill her horrible excuse for a husband. The lawyer prosecuting the  the woman is Spencer Tracy-the  film husband of Hepburn. We see the antics in the court room and how Hepburn`s character, Amanda, plays every trick in the book to win the case even at the expense of her husband. Well written by Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon who were good friends of Tracy and Hepburn and knew how to bring out the best in each actor. It is also the Hollywood debut of the great Judy Holliday who died too young from cancer.


This is a great film that could be considered a horror film, thriller or a fairy tale but no matter what one may call it, it is an excellent film that was unappreciated in its day to the point that the director, film star Charles Laughton, never directed another film. The Coen brothers, Spike Lee and many others have sited how they were influenced by this film which starts Robert Mitchum as an evil preacher after money he knew was hidden somewhere in a house with a widow and 2 small children. he cons the town and the widow whom he marries and murders trying to find the money. The 2 small children run for their lives as he tries to capture them. The children come to a small home with an elderly lady who stands up to this evil man and defends the children seeing right through the so-called preacher. Such great acting from Robert Mitchum who has LOVE tattooed on one hand and HATE on the other (Have you ever seen people with this on their fingers-it comes from this film) to Lillian Gish, she started in films almost when movies began and is considered one of the best actresses.



I had to go with a modern film and I chose this one because I felt Julia Roberts nailed it as the brassy,, in your face real woman-Erin Brockovich. She is hired as a legal assistant whom most in the office, can`t stand and she starts to investigate why a number of people are becoming very ill with cancer, tumours and other medical issues in the small town. When she brings the information to her boss, he sees the big problem and becomes a lawyer to the townsfolk. Through the unrelenting support and hound dog investigation of Erin, the lawyer brings the corruption and poisoning of the water supply of  the big company to the foreground. Everyone soon realizes not to mess with Ms. Brockovich. Julia won an Oscar for her role and she delivers a great performance in a well acted film.

Which films would you chooseƉ

Monday, November 13, 2017

Remakes Blogfest-Movies, Books, Music

I'm a bit late but here we go....I decided to join in on the fun and, of course, I went the movie way.This one was tough for me but I finally found my pick. Head over to the Great Alex J Cavanaugh's blog to check out the rest.


Our computers at work suck! I can't seem to be able to download the film trailers here and I have no time this eve to even try on the computer at home so the movie posters will have to do. This was a big film for the day since it starred the Ratpack led by Frank Sinatra. These men whooped it up in Las Vegas and had many women in tow including Angie Dickinson. They play World War 2 vets who decide to steal from the top 4 casinos (back then). They are the essence of cool who  work out a unique way to steal millions. I always knew about this film but never had a chance to see it until this past year. I was a bit disappointed with it because the writing seemed to go more for the  "I am cool" vibe than having this film play out  the way it should have. You have a lot of  these men just play off one another except you notice they never want to piss off Frankie. I do think Sammy Davis Stole the show.


I have to admit I really enjoyed this film much better than the original. They are cool, classy and humble so the script is tight, works well by developing the characters, and the cast do not think they are too cool for their own good. The main man, played by George Clooney is let out of prison and soon brings his old troop together to rob the big Casino of millions. I just found this remake to be better acted, and much more fun. They are not trying too hard like the original.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-An Adaptation You Want To See (of a book, Comic, Game etc... That hasn't been adapted yet)

Now that was a long title not the run off blecchh that happened to me last week.

November! I can't believe it but here we are, and soon it will be Christmas and the end of another year. At present, I am enjoying the beautiful leaves on the trees since we had a late fall. I know many of my blogger friends are excellent writers who have had books published. They would be tickled if their books would be converted into a film and I would go and see their films. This week it is all about adaptations of  anything you would love to see be made into a movie so here are my picks. I have to admit I had a tough time this week but let's see what the other film people chose, so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves  to check out their picks.

1. MY PARENTS, FRANK (1913-1988) AND RUTH(1928-)

OK...shoot me because there is no book (yet) about my parents and to be honest, I feel overwhelmed at how to even begin. As some of you know, my mom was born in Wittenberg, Germany in 1928 and she grew up under the Hitler Regime. She has fond memories of Christmas, her forest across the road and school but she was also taken out of her home and forced into the Hitler Youth. She suffered the bombings of Hamburg, Dresden, met Hitler, lost 2 brothers in the war, worked with the resistance to stop the Germans by blowing up bridges (she placed the TNT under the bridges), suffered starvation, gang rape by 7 Russians, escaped to the West, brought food to her mom and got her dad out when he was let out of the Gulag and so much more. My dad was born in 1913 near Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario and was so poor he often had no food or proper clothing. Suffered the loss of his mother when he was 6 and endured beatings by his step mother. He worked in lumber camps when he was 14, endured the Great depression, met up with wolves , moose and bears and hopped trains to find work. He fought in the Canadian Army and was wounded near the end of the war. In the 50's they both traveled-he out west and back, my mom, finally, to Canada. They met in 1959 and wanted to marry but my mom's first husband would not grant a divorce. It took 3 years to try to get rid of this jerk and there is a whole other book just about their love. They started living together when it was not the right thing to do back then and my dad was a religious man but he loved my mom so much. I wish to honour them here especially since Saturday is November 11th which is our Remembrance Day for all the soldiers and civilians who dealt with war. I wear my poppy with pride!


If you find a book written by this man, read it! I find him an excellent writer and his biographies on Louise Brooks and Garbo entertaining. If you don't know this woman, read up! She was a rebel from day 1 and didn't give a F*&;^% about what she should or shouldn't do. She was a hedonist so she loved parties, men and women and took off to Germany to make 2 of the best films ever made (in my humble opinion even if they are silents). She had affairs with Charlie Chaplin, Hearst's niece (so she was often at the Hearst mansion) and a one night stand with Garbo. She was highly intelligent and never sugar coated Hollywood. Due to her F. U. nature, she hurt her own career and ended up selling perfume in some retail store until she was rediscovered. What a life and I think Rooney Mara would be a good choice to play this woman.


This is such a haunting song that I fell in love with when I was in High School. It would be a fairy tale and a sad one but I would love to see this on the big screen. They would need a girl with beautiful eyes and ethereal....too bad Audrey Hepburn isn't around any more.


OK..I have to put this down...


I love...I mean LOVE this album and consider it a classic in rock but also in classical music because the whole thing seems like an opera without the operatic vocals but of these men who comprise this great band. I think of it as days of the week from Tuesday Afternoon to Knights in White Satin. It would be so cool to see an artistic film with these songs and lyrics in mind but how would the plot go? Would there be a big love story? Would we see them when they are young until they are old with  "Another Day's useless energy spent?" Who would star in this. I like to see Hugh Jackman in it since I think he is the bee's knees.

OK so these are my picks. What would be yours?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-Stranger who bully many of the farmers. . We soon learn that Shane is very good with a gun which frightens his friends but the young also know that they need him. A quiet film with some major violence interspersed in this film. The cinematography is excellent and the story touching especially the unrequited love that develops between Shane and the farmer’s wife. . A classic with a kill( sorry) performance by Jack Palance.

Halloween brought out the strange people from a mother and daughter who decided to argue in my office to a woman who came on her scooter wearing her helmet, a coat and her pajama bottoms with pussy cats...she also had her little princess...she’s in her 40’s. Oops, today is not about strange people but people who are strangers. I almost picked Clint Eastwood in any of his Spaghetti Westerns but I chose one he directed instead. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what other strangers in films fellow bloggers have chosen. Here are my 3...


This is an excellent film directed by Orson Welles which doesn’t get much viewing but it should because it is a gem. It is a quaint town in Connecticut where a teacher is married  to Loretta Young( talk about nuts!), the daughter of the Supreme Court Justice. The teacher (Welles) loves clocks is fixing a large clock in the tower that has not worked in a long time. All seems great until Edward G Robinson comes to town, who knows a lot more about this teacher than anyone else does including the teacher’s wife. You see, Robinson is an FBI agent who knows that the teacher is actually a Nazi who masterminded the holocaust. An intense film with the Welles' filming style he is famous for and it is the first movie to show actual footage from the concentration camps.

2. SHANE-1953

“Shane! Come back! Come back...Shane!” Yes we know the stranger’s name soon into the movie who comes to a homesteader’s place and requests to have some water. They are a welcoming and humble family who let him stay. Shane is weary and enjoying this peaceful life, enjoying the family style as well as the life of a farmer. All is not well, since the farmers are up against the cattle ranchers and the ranchers are bullies who seem to be winning especially when they bring in the meanest gun fighter played to the hilt by Jack Palance. Shane would rather forget his past but he is compelled to help the settlers. An excellent film with beautiful cinematography and excellent acting by all with Jean Arthur in her last big screen performance.


This is a Clint Eastwood film which he directed and stars in a film that is a western but could also qualify for a Halloween film as well. I won't tell you more about that aspect but it left me speechless at the end. He plays a stranger who comes to this town which looks decrepit and ugly. He is goaded by a man whom he shoots dead and then takes a girl into the barn for a good time...which she loves despite her feeble protests. The people in this town are fearful, greedy untrustworthy jerks except for a couple of people, one being a little person who becomes the stranger's right hand man. The townspeople all have a secret but so does the stranger. There are 3 outlaws coming to the town so the people hire the stranger to deal with them but they must abide by the stranger's requests. I love this movie which does not sugar coat the west at all.

What would be your 3?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween card and book mark

First, let me tell you that I went to see my mom, with my best friend, and when we entered her floor, there she was in the dining room! The nurse said she was up and eating for all 3 meals!!! I was dumbfounded as I expected her to still be laying in her bed looking worse for wear. The PSW's were so happy and telling me she had 2 bowls of soup and I was happily flummoxed but I will take this and cherish it. She has been good all week and even recalled things she had not spoken about in a few years. When my friend told her she had separated from her spouse(narcissistic asshole), my mom did that knowing laugh which made my friend ask what she thought of her one day ex and my mom answered, "I thought he was a nit wit!" I love it!!   Now on with the show...

basic black cardstock, versamark ink pad, sizzex machine, die cut image, variety of perfect powders, brush.

Tuesday Throwdown-Spooktacular
Eclectic Ellapu-Dark vibrant colours or scary
Animal Friends-Halloween/Autumn
Happy Little Stampers-Anything Goes with Dies
The Male Room-Silhouettes

I love this die cut because you can do so much with this. I decided to have it cut out with my sizzex machine and then, carefully pulled the image from the die cut. I stamped all over with clear versa mark ink and, taking my pearl powders, I brushed on the colours where I wanted them. I glued the piece down on black cardstock and then placed it on orange cardstock. I added the silhouette of the cat, also down in powder, and added the spiderweb and pumpkins along with the saying.

distress inks, sun and cloud stamp, crackle paint, rubber stamps, scissors, tombow markers, embossing ink and powders.

Stamplorations:Tags-All About Fall and/or colours-Red, Orange, Gold
Simon Says-Anything Goes
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes

I made this sucker on a whim creating the background and trying the crackle paint. I hated the look and threw it in a corner where it stayed for quite a while. I finally picked up the piece of crap and dumped it on my table where I stared at the muck. Monday, I suddenly thought of an idea, which I have from time to time, and stamped, painted and fussy cut the owl image as well as the leaves (the smaller ones were embossed with powders). Now I like this bookmark but should I have a piece of ribbon or something attached to it on the upper left hand corner so it dangles down? Thoughts??

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-TV Horror shows

I don’t have Netflix or HBO so the shows that will be talked about today, I have not seen, which is a bummer. Don’t adjust your sets as I am going back to some classic shows plus a couple of bonuses. I love the paranormal and have even experienced some odd occurrences so I always watch shows about this subject( unless it is those ghost hunter type shows). Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have chosen.

1. ONE STEP BEYOND-1959-1961

This series, which I saw in reruns, really freaked me out. It came out around the same time as The Twilight Zone but it is like the Zone’s neglected sister...kind of like Jan to Marcia(Brady Bunch anyone??). This show was an anthology series that took eerie events that purported to actually happen, creating very creepy episodes. It shows many ghost stories but also stories of premonitions like Lincoln’s assassination to the Titanic sinking. The one story of a man staying at a home with an elderly woman, who is writing a story about the evils of the home, totally freaked me out. I still shudder when thinking about it. It was revised in 1978 which I watched where they duplicated most of the original shows including the haunted house one.


Only 1 season was made of this frightening tv show that is a precursor for all the shows one sees now on Netflix and HBO. It is a classic and a cult tv show that nerds everywhere, love to watch and.... My name is Birgit and ...I am a nerd. This show is about a newspaperman that seems to find all these supernatural happenings and most don’t believe him. He fights off Dracula, meets ghosts and went into the sewers which still gives me nightmares. Very well acted with a humorous slant and scary as hell.

3. CREEPY CANADA-2002-2006

I love this anthology show that discusses all things creepy and weird that are purportedly true in Canada. They are half hour shows with real people talking about their experiences with reenactments. I loved watching this show since it was all things Canada and some events depicted are close to where I live. Obviously there are many ghost stories but also we have good ole Sasquatch. This show doesn’t have the gimmicks that many other shows have which is why it appeals to me.


4. THE TWILIGHT ZONE-1959-1964

I am re-watching this show right now since it is being shown on the Sci-Fi channel and it is a true classic that people around the world have seen. Rod Serling (brilliant man who died too soon) created this show and wrote many episodes and also appeared in later episodes since his voice is so distinctive that people wanted to see him. There are many famous episodes that are not horrific but some are like that nasty critter on the airplane wing that only poor William Shatner can see. Another poor man is trying to translate a book that aliens have given to men and another show has a man hearing howling in a monastery. Some shows are downright freaky.

5.  THE X-FILES-1993-2002

I expect this to be popular this week and with good reason since it still has new episodes coming out and so many know about this show even if they haven't watched it. I saw almost every episode and was hooked on it. Sometimes the episodes were lighter but, on the whole, they are dark and creepy. It starts off where a young FBI agency, who is also a doctor, is asked to keep her eyes on the the spook FBI agent in the basement-Fox Mulder. She is always trying to give logical, scientific explanations while Fox just rolls his eyes. He believes in aliens since his sister was abducted by one and as most of their family dies on one way or another, she slowly realizes not all is as it seems. Throw in some people who always seem to work against the duo (Won't cigarette smoking man die already!!) and plot twists that just mess your mind, you have some great work here. I have to admit 2 things...I feel that the writers even got confused with all the twists and turns and there is that one episode that is now banned in the U.S.  That episode is disgusting, creepy and gross but still good.

So many to choose from...which one would you talk about?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks- Body Horror

I want to make things very clear, I am not hear to scare you with images of me in a bathing suit. I am not hear to mention Mama June from that Honey Boo Boo Show or basically those Walmart characters, but I will talk about body horror, this week’s theme from Wandering Through The Shelves.  Personally I think people who have tattoos all over their body is not appealing especially when they will get old and wrinkly...bleccchhh. Ok I chose these 3 films and hope they work with the theme.


This is the film that started the whole wolfman franchise. Lon Chaney Jr plays sweet Lyle Talbot who goes back to his home after his brother’s passing. He ends up helping a little gypsy girl when something attacks the gypsy camp and Lyle gets bitten in the process. This is the beginning of the end for poor Lyle who now turns into the wolfman when there is a full moon. This movie might be tame compared to other wolfman movies but I love the atmosphere of this film. It takes on, like many horror films made from the ‘30s & '40s, the German Expressionism that was throughout the Silent films from Germany in the 1920s. I believe Jack Pierce created the wolfman and I still think the look is one of the best.

2.  HOUSE OF WAX-1953

This was the start of Vincent Price becoming synonymous with horror movies. He plays a talented wax sculpter in partnership with Burke who wants to burn the place down for the insurance money. Burke does burn the place down with Price in the building, hoping he died.....he didn’t. Price is very much alive and starts a new wax museum and has the help of his own Igor played by...Charles Bronson! The wax figures are hailed as very lifelike....almost too lifelike especially since people are disappearing. This was one of the first films made in 3D and a great movie with a unique take on the horror genre.


This is a remake of a 1932 film starring Charles Laughton and one I have to see still but I did see the remake which is just batshit crazy. This film was fraught with difficulties from the stars to the location shooting. I actually saw this movie in the theatre and didn’t mind it. I should watch it again since it is classified as a horrible film. So Kilmer helps save someone from a plane wreck in the water and takes him to an island. There they meet Dr. Moreau who is played by Marlon Brando whose face is very white (think Michael Jackson) plus he has his own mini me. Soon you find out this doctor is playing God By taking the DNA from animals and humans mutating the animals into human hybrids. These poor animals and humans undergo torture and pain. It is really quite the nutty movie and I bet, the original film is much better.

What would you choose?