Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-only 1 season

I want to apologize for not responding to your comments but once the A to Z is finished I will have more time...famous last words. So since we are at the last Thursday of the month, it is all about TV and this is about 1 season shows. I love Freaks and Geeks but I think it will be popular this week so I chose 3 others. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what the others have chosen. Here are my 3....

1. THE PRISONER-1967-1968

This is an excellent science fiction(?), cat and mouse, prison tv show starring Patrick McGoohan as #6. He was a secret agent who wanted to quit which resulted in him being sent to “the Village”, a quaint place where everything is given to the people who live there except their freedom. He can trust no one and is determined to attain his freedom despite the rogue...a big bouncy white ball that comes out of the sea and subdues anyone who tries to escape. He often matches wits with #2 a fellow inmate that changes people in most shows and has the information as to why #6 is in the village.  A brilliantly written show and well acted that has gained a huge cult following with many people feeling it is Patrick McGoohan’s character from Secret Agent-another tv show he starred in and was quite successful. One quirk is that Patrick McGoohan had it written in his contract, and stopped any plots, involving a romantic interest.


I love Bruce Campbell so, when this show came on, I had to watch and I loved it. It is a very quirky western with Sci-Fi elements placed in and just when it was getting interesting, they pulled the plug. Brisco is hired to apprehend a gang who happened to kill his famous dad. He is aided by a former rival and together they encounter strange people including some albino freak and an orb from another planet. It was a funny show, with tongue in cheek style and very fun. I would love to see this series again because it was, again, well written, nicely acted and the music was great.

3. FOREVER-2014-2015

There are some people who hated this show but I really liked it. It is about a coroner for the police dept. who helps solve cases since he has a vast knowledge of just about everything. The reason for this incredible knowledge is because he is over 200 years old and can’t die. Every time he is killed he ends up in the water naked and must get back to his place before he is found out...sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. You learn about his past with the only person knowing about his issue is his son who is now older than he is..well, you know what I mean. I found this show engaging without the heavy handed dark plots of so many shows. I enjoyed the other characters from his geeky helper in the lab to the vivacious lead cop whom he helps and her partner-a tough jock type but who I thought was quite funny. Despite people writing in to save this show, it was yanked.

Which 3 would you choose?

The Letter W


I’d be surprised if someone has not seen this delightful film made during the best year ever for movies. It’s about a young girl with her dog running away from home because of a bitch who wants Dorothy’s dog destroyed. A tornado has her come home but she gets knocked out and has one psychedelic adventure in colour! The bitch is now a witch, there are munchkins, a talking scarecrow, a tin man and a scene stealing lion. Let’s not forget opium induced sleep, a yellow brick road, a green city, flying about an LSD trip. It is a brilliant film filled with great songs and a great cast that made Judy Garland a star and is seen every year, it used to be around Easter time but now, I think they play it at Christmas.

All sorts of antics happened on the set from the munchkins running amok (a movie was made about them starring Chevy Chase), Margaret Hamilton suffering severe burns when she “disappears” as the witch, Buddy Ebson almost dying from the silver dust placed on him and being replaced by Jack Haley to Judy Garland being introduced to uppers and downers so she could continue working. Oh and that snow falling in the poppy field is asbestos.

Fun anecdote- Frank Morgan, who played the great Oz, was given a coat to wear for his character by the costume dept. An employee in this dept. found the coat in a second hand store. When Frank Morgan looked inside he noticed, on the lapel, hand written was Frank L. Baum, who happened to write the books....this was Baum's actual coat!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Letter V


Yes, I know it is actually National Lampoon's Vacation but I wanted to talk about this film and we all just say the vacation movies anyways. This is the first of 4  with the last one (I don't mean the remake dreck) taking place in Vegas being the weakest, in my humble opinion. Good ole Clark Griswald wants to take his family on a vacation to Wally World which he does with a few mishaps along the, Cousin Eddie, Aunt Edna.

It is low brow humour and I love every minute of it! I find it hilarious with great comic timing by Chevy Chase, Randy "Nutso" Quaid and Imogene Coca as Aunt Edna. A great cameo by John Candy near the end of the film is perfect. By the way, most of the cast members got sick from riding the roller coasters since they had to do it many times...yuck.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Letter U


A huge hit when it came out with Sean Connery winning an Oscar for his portrayal of an aging cop. It's the famous true battle between Treasury Agent, Eliot Ness trying to take down bad boy Al Capone during the 1920's prohibition(what a mistake) era.  In typical Hollywood fashion, many inaccuracies, but Eliot Ness really did try to bring down Al Capone.

 I watched this film many years later and thought it was ok but nothing spectacular and was just waiting for certain people to die because it just seemed typical. The big scene in the train station was heralded at the time and the director said he was influenced by the famous scene in Battleship Potemkin. I watched Police Squad first and laughed but I laughed even harder when i watched the scene in The Untouchables movie. I know...I'm a sick puppy.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Letter T


"I will find you, and I will kill you." A nice man, who just wants to see his daughter (who now lives in a mansion with her bitchy mom and very rich step dad), is taken advantage of by spoiled daughter and bitchy ex so daughter can go to Europe. Oh, the man is an ex-CIA operative and the daughter and her friend are promptly kidnapped by nasty men who want to sell them off into the sex slave trade. Daddy is not happy and goes after them.

Liam Neesom (hubba hubba) stars as the ex CIA operative who is not a man one wants to meet if he is not happy with you. He took this role as a fun flick so he could spend time in Paris and take up karate. He never expected it to be a hit or to be another kick ass action star. This is a film that, once the girls are taken (her friend), never lets up and you are on the edge of your seat. It is fun to watch even with the body count. It produced 2 more sequels which are ok but not as good as the first which is typical.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letter S


A man with a disturbing past, takes on the role of the caretaker with his freaky wife and disturbed son at a hotel that shuts down during the winter. It’s just the 3 of them with the wife checking on the hotel, the redrum kid travelling on his big wheel through the halls and the man writing his novel. He becomes anything but a dull boy when he starts seeing spirits who want him to come to the dark side. The kid keeps running into those spooky twins and the wife is oblivious to everything until the blood hits the elevator.

I was scared out of my booties as soon as those devil girls showed up and had to turn the channel. I finally did see it and it is a great film with so much imagery. The actors really carried the film although I felt so bad for good ole Scatman Crothers who travels to the hotel only to......see the film.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Letter R


I can’t do a film series without mentioning John Wayne who stars in this fun western as a Sheriff who comes to town to make sure a nasty villain gets his due justice. He has to deal with his old friend (Dean Martin) as the drunken deputy sheriff, an old coot with no teeth, a limp and a lot of gumption (Walter Brennan), a young kid who wants to help (Ricky Nelson) and a saloon gal with nice legs but talks way too much (Angie Dickinson). If you like a western, or even don’t but like fun camaraderie, you’ll love this movie.

This was John Wayne’s and Howard Hawks’s (director) answer to High Noon because they thought it was stupid that a sheriff would ask for help so in this film, the hero doesn’t ask but gets help anyway. Oh and as a prank and an initiation, Wayne and Brennan got a pile of manure and threw Ricky Nelson into it. I love the musical interlude and hope you'll have a listen...